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Raleigh Fireplace & Patio

HWAM 3055 Freestanding

Clearly inspired by the beautiful flat-screen lines of the HWAM I30 series, the HWAM 3055 Freestanding wood stove was designed.

HWAM Classic 7

Impressive in size and performance, a visual draw in any room, the Classic 7 possesses the largest heating capacity of all HWAM stoves

SUPREME See-Through

Wood Burning See-Through Freestanding Stove is an award winning stove the doubles as a BBQ grill stored inside the fire chamber.

LOPI Cape Cod

The Cape Cod™ is one of the cleanest burning and most efficient large cast iron wood stoves in the world.

HWAM Monet

The curved glass front and the combustion chamber are placed at a perfect height, making it easy to light and enjoy the flames.

Berkshire GreenSmart 2

The Berkshire is Lopi’s medium sized gas stove. This stove is ideal for zonal heating in large areas of your home.